Deitrick and his wife Damita have left Atlanta to returned to their hometown of Detroit, Michigan to pastor High Praise Cathedral of Faith Church. The Haddons began serving on this past Sunday February 15, 2009.  Deitrick was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan to a family with roots both in music and in preaching. It became apparent at a very young age that he had been blessed with those gifts, as well. He preached his first sermon at age 11, and began directing the choir at the church his father pastored when he was 13. Deitrick and Damita are following in Deitrick’s parents foot steps, Bishop Clarence B Haddon and Prophetess Joyce R. Haddon. Both he and his wife will continue with their respective music careers as they minister in their new capacity. 

This is what Deitrick had to say about growing up in Detroit as told to Gospel City:

“Growing up in Detroit played a big part in my ministry, you can’t help but keep the vibes of what Detroit had. Detroit breathes music ministry, a strong gospel music entity having such artists as Mattie Moss-Clark, Thomas Whitfield, Vanessa Bell Armstrong – all came out of Detroit back then; they were at their all-time high. The Winans, when I was a young lad running around here in Detroit, they were like, at the top, Commissioned, all of them. I would go to every concert, every musical. Mattie Moss-Clark was good for having gospel musicals at David’s Cathedral. On a Saturday we would be there until three, four o’clock in the morning – just singing and praising God. Seeing the energy these artists had, and the fact they all came out of Detroit, really inspired me. I thought, ‘If they could do it, I can do it. There must be a reason I have this talent; maybe I can contribute to all the talent coming out of Detroit.”

You can join The Haddons every Sunday at 10:00 AM Service
High Praise Cathedral of Faith
8809 Schoolcraft Rd.
Detroit, MI, 48238
(313) 491-1222


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