S ean Combs, aka Diddy, likes to compare himself to Frank Sinatra. He’s done it in interviews for years — but at heart, Diddy is a businessman. He’s made millions off film, TV, music, clothing and fragrances, now Diddy has a big announcement coming in 2012. Diddy in his own words: “Twelve months ago, I basically relocated to L.A. I still live in New York, but I’m bi-coastal. I have some major announcements at the top of the year on things I’m producing—an announcement that’s bigger than anyone can realize on something I’m acquiring,” Diddy said. “I’m looking forward to 2012; it’s a huge transition for me out of music onto the big screen and continuing my legacy as a producer.”

Diddy continued, “You know, I’m one of the most successful African-American television executive producers in history. I’ve had six shows on the air at one time. I don’t say that in a braggadocio way. But you should definitely remember this conversation and look back at it and say, I remember he told me he was going to make some huge announcements.”


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