F antasia has been dealing with severe media criticism following accusations of adultery and her attempted suicide. However, the gifted performer has finally decided to fight back.

Fantasia recently stay down with VIBE magazine for an interview, when asked if she thinks her African and more ethnic features had anything to do with the excessive and sometimes mean-spirited tone of the coverage she received about her personal life?

“Yes, I do. I really feel like it does. I was on Nancy Grace, CNN, every gospel station and in every magazine and every newspaper,” Fantasia told VIBE. “It was on. You would have thought I was the President or something.”

Fantasia says the response wasn’t a surprise because America’s challenged standard idea of beauty is a situation she’s been dealing with since her Idol days. “I’ve battled and have had to deal with that before. Lord forgive me and I don’t want to offend anybody,” she says, “but when I did Idol it seemed like everybody there was Barbied out. Slim, long hair, light eyes, light-skinned. And here I come with my dark skin, full nose, short hair and full lips — it was hard.”

But Fantasia says she’s since made peace with her beauty’s place in the industry. “One day I was like, that’s okay, but I had to get to that point,” she says. “I am a dark-skinned, full-lipped sister and it’s all right. Brown is in baby, and it ain’t going anywhere.”


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