The people over at Radical.Media have produced a documentary, chronicling the lives of talented gospel choirs from coast to coast competing in Verizon Wireless’ How Sweet the Sound competition. The documentary will feature choir members sharing how they provided support and inspiration for each other and how love, faith, commitment and determination allowed them to overcome the hurdles in their lives.

“How Sweet the Sound” is a series of regional competitions in major U.S. cities — all culminating in a roof-raising, powerhouse grand finale competition in Atlanta. One by one, each choir will take the stage for the ultimate quest of being named the “Best Church Choir in America.”

The one-hour special will premier Sunday, May 31, at 11:00 a.m. on BET.  I know a lot of you will be in church when this airs, so set your TiVo or VCR.  I don’t know why BET airs the gospel shows during the times, that the bulk of the audience will be in church.  What’s up with that?


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