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I love the name and the website is great……I am 22 years old in my junior year of college and for the past year I have been going out with a famous singer, the embarrassing part is he is married with kids. To make matters worst I’ve recently found out I was pregnant and he wants me to get a abortion. Since I’ve told him I was pregnant we don’t talk or see each other anymore. I am in love with this man and feel mess up. I was raised in a Christian house and I knew better to get involved with a married man. Do I have the abortion and move on? Do I have the child and be a single parent? What do I do?

Geeesh! This is heavy….but let’s just jump into and get the obvious out the way! What in the world were you thinking? I guess, the glare of the fame had you stuck on the dumb-dumb. Real talk….this is not a easy task you have taken on for yourself. The greatest advice I got is to seek God. You said, you was raised in a Christian home — I hope that means you have a relationship with God, because if you ever needed him before you sure do need him now. Let him guide you to make the right decision and let him heal your heart.

About this abortion thing….In my opinion it would be a temporary solution. Like when you decided to get involved with a married man, that was a temporary solution to whatever need you had at that time in your life and we see where that got you. I have heard from other females, that abortion haunts you.

I know you feel alone and it feels like you’re going to drown in this confusion — but it gets better. I hope you have a support network of family and friends. Lean on them through all of this. I also want to give you Judge Mablean information, she has a foundation that helps people in your situation. She has counselors and legal people to help you. Praying for you sis, smile ok!

Peace- Cedric

P.S. Who is the babydaddy? (I know I ain’t the only one wondering who is)

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  1. You’ve heard the saying, “it’s a blessing in disguise”? Well my darling, the fact that he wants you to have an abortion AND he’s pulled back on communication,says he’s not the one at this time! Actually, he never was the one considering that he’s already married!

    I know that matters of the heart are hard to make sense out of & you are hurt from the situation and the position that the one you “love” has taken. But remember, he is married! The sermon on this past Sunday was entitled , “A Foolish Trade” as Esau sold his birthright for nearly nothing! It also spoke on how you will reap what you sow. So as you (and your friend) sowed infidelity you reaped a child to come while being unwed and heartache. My sister, it’s time for you to begin sowing some of what you learned in your Christian home! And reclaim your birthright! You are worth more and God has a love for you and only you!

    Now you ask the question,should you have an abortion? The answer is ultimately up to you. Yes, once those chromosomes meet, they began to form a child, so I’d say no, don’t have one. But then again, I’m not the one that has to see his face in the child or support him/her everyday. When I was in college I knew single mothers who got through with great support! I’ve also heard how traumatic it can be from a few who had an abortion and every year they had hard times on what would have been the child’s b-day. So pray about it my sister and know that God will be that shoulder to lean on through it all (single mother now perhaps married mother to come)!

    With God’s Wisdom,
    :o ) Ms. Roz

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