Hi Cedric,

I’m a 35 year old owner of my own company and I’m having issues with my wife. Two months ago, I came home early from work to see my wife having sex with another man. I was upset, however I was not surprised - because around March I overheard my wife and her friends joking about me sexual and her desire to be with another man. I have thoughts of leaving her sometimes. I only think she stays with me for my money. She often tells me I’m a waste of a good looking brother. She has an 8 year old son whom i get along with great. I saw your column and decide to reach out. What do you suggested I do?

Cedric writes:

Here is my question to you…why are you not sending me this e-mail from jail or at the very least from [on] the run from the police down in Mexico somewhere? Dude, trust me when I tell you, I would have definitively been caught up in a murder one situation if this were me. Like D’Angelo said in that song, “I tell ya what’s on my mind, I’m bout to go get my nine and shoot both of yalls behinds.”

Now, I know that’s not the “Christianly” thing to say and in no ways do I promote violence on any level. I apologize for treating this serious matter with deliberately inappropriate humor – but the visual of walking in on my spouse with somebody else, is heavy! I am deeply concerned about your mental health after something of that nature.

This relationship is abusive and very toxic. You need to search yourself and find out why you would allow yourself to be in a mentally abusive relationship. I also understand your love and concern for her 8 year-old son, but this environment is not healthy for you to be a positive example for him. I recommend, seeking some form of therapy and counseling, before you make any major decisions. Hit me back, with your location and I will try and help you find a reputable doctor/counselor.


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