E ven though Prince is in the early stages of his 21-night stand in Los Angeles — four down, 17 to go — it’s not at all clear where future shows will be held or where his tour will wrap up. Prince’s current leg began on April 14 at the Forum; his most recent show was at the storied arena on Saturday.

“Everything comes from Prince,” says Mark Campana, co-president of North America concerts for Live Nation. And, as Prince is prone to making quick decisions, the remainder of the tour after L.A., or even when the L.A. run will wrap, is still in the air. “He has not discussed anything beyond L.A., and L.A. was decided literally as the trucks were leaving the Carolinas (at the end of March),” Mark says.

“The drivers needed to know what direction to go and Prince said, [head west]. By the time they were halfway across the country, they were told to go to Los Angeles and we were announcing the shows and putting them on sale for the Forum. So spontaneity is in play on all levels. We’re all waiting with bated breath as to where’s he going after Los Angeles.”

Mark expected the rest of the L.A. shows to be played at the Forum, but then again, “we’re taking direction, not giving direction,” he said. Prince…forever the entertainer and always full of mystery!


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