H ouston rapper, Bun B is taking his rap act into classroom. Next spring Bun B, birth name Bernard Freeman will take charge of a course at Houston’s about hip-hop and religion. The course will discuss the history of rap music and explore the parallels and correlations between religion and hip-hop. Bun B says, “People will be surprised at how many instances there are.”

He’s already got an action plan in place should wannabe rappers try to slip him their demo tapes during class. “If they’re coming into the course specifically to give me a demo, that’s a wrap on the first day.”

Bun B isn’t the first rap star to return to school as a teacher – Public Enemy’s Chuck D delivered a lecture at a women’s university in Mississippi in February. Bun B was one half of the southern hip hop duo UGK, before the untimely death of his partner Pimp C.


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