On Monday, Star Jones became the latest celebrity to throw her hat into the ring of the blogging world. Since it’s my business, I read quite a few blogs on a daily bases and so far, I really like Star’s blog. I admire her choice to say something positive and uplift people, as opposed to talking about the latest trash rumors. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a willing victim, I like some good entertainment gossip myself. That’s just real talk, but around here I like to keep it positive and that’s what I like about Star’s blog.

Here is a recent birthday post she posted:

Actually, I wasn’t supposed to see 47. Heck, I wasn’t supposed to see 20. At 19 I was in my last year of college and I was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor in my chest. The tumor was growing daily and it had wrapped itself around my esophagus, lay between my lungs and under my heart. I was given nine months to live. I’d always wanted to be a lawyer so something in me said fight and I did. I found a doctor who didn’t think the tumor was inoperable and he (after 8 hours of surgery) removed it and got it all out. I was back in class 7 days later. Eight weeks of radiation, five days a week followed. I graduated from college on time, went on to law school and began living my dreams. My thyroid was destroyed in the process which caused me to gain weight over the years…but other than a scar down the center of my chest; you’d never know I got a death sentence over 25 years ago. How good is God!
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