sunday best  The Spiritual Amphitheatre was in full effect last night as singing hopefuls belted out their favorite Gospel tunes in the effort to become Sunday Best. In the opening number with Bryon Cage the contents dress in their choir robes seemed a bit out of step with Bryon. As far as the top 10: Flag on the play, clipping, off sides, foul ball or something! I am calling for a re-call of the top 10 contestants chosen to move forward in the competition. Actually, six of the top ten I agree with, two are debatable, and the other two, I flat out disagree with totally.  This would be my top 10 choice:

1-   Latice Crawford

2-   Kalind Haynes

3-   Jeff Span

4-   Johnathan Johnson

5-   Ian J. Knighton

6-   Y’anna Crawley

7-   John McClure

8-   Crystal Holland (debatable)

9-   Carolyn Johnson-White (debatable)

10- Maurice Griffin (debatable)

Here are my highlights:

yanna-crawleyY’anna Crawley- Her facial expressions almost stole her performance, but this girl brought her A game. She sang like she wanted to win this competition.



john mcclureJohn McClure- He did justice to one of my favorite Gospel tunes of all time, “Lost Without You” by BeBe & CeCe Winans. I love the arrangement of the song and I think it took guts to sing one of the judges songs in front of them. But, I knew BeBe wasn’t going to let him get away with singing his song and he not do a vocal run or something. BeBe did his thing when he sang a few bars of the song.

crystal-hollandCrystal Holland- I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with the judges on this one. Crystal had a flare to me, that I like. Maybe it wasn’t the best performance, but I saw something in her. I wish her the best in future endeavors. She is going to make it!


ian j knightonIan J. Knighton- Trying my best not to be bias, because he is from Sacramento — but I feel he gave the best performance of the evening. Right song choice, good vocals, he connected with the audience, what more can you ask for. Shout out to Caesar….I saw you reppin’  in the audience!!!

carolyn johnson-whiteCarolyn Johnson White- She was everything church! She had the perfect appropriate church suit on and she sung the perfect church song. She stirred the soul with the “big church high note” at the end of the song and I must admit, when she testify about “God restoring your years”, I felt a shout coming on!!!


Peep the interview The Gospel Express did with Ian J. Knighton      


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